Oneplus 5 : Fast, New and Still Budget ?

  After 4 successful top of the line phones, Oneplus catapulted all that it had learned and brought it into its thinnest shell yet to throw off against the giants. The Oneplus 5 is a well built package just as you’d expect with metal being a primary component overall to give a sturdy look and…

TOP 10: Smartphones under 500$

In this age it is almost impossible to find someone without a smartphone. Smartphones have become a crucial part of the lives of mankind. Naturally, everyone is looking for a phone that is packed with the best possible features, but there is always one problem- the price! The so called “Flagships” from the top companies…

Massdrop – Providing Community Savings

It’s the weekend and with the summer on our heads, what better way to cool off than to have a shopping spree ! To that if I tell you that you can save a couple of buck if you’re ready to wait and join hands with others interested in the same stuff you are, wouldn’t that be a jolly good icing to the cake ?

HTC U11 – Squeezy tech

It’s almost halfway through 2017 and with flagship launches from Samsung and LG already over it couldn’t be said that it’s the best time for a company like HTC with its mountain-like graph of smartphone success to launch a premium flagship to battle the already set doubts in the minds of people – Is HTC […]

Is a refurbished note 7 really what people want?

Last year (2016), Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 much to the fan followers’ appeal. It was a really great device pushing the limits and in that moment it failed the tech giant a ton. Ole’ Sammy tried to fit in a battery so big into a chassis so small that things were bound to…