Is a refurbished note 7 really what people want?

techmen - 003Last year (2016), Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7 much to the fan followers’ appeal. It was a really great device pushing the limits and in that moment it failed the tech giant a ton.

Ole’ Sammy tried to fit in a battery so big into a chassis so small that things were bound to go wrong from the second it was planned on the board. After a series of rather embarrassing moments for such a big faced company, we finally got a complete ban on the device and there were provisions for an alternative device upon exchange. Come May 2017 and now we’re about to look at what’s a refurbished phone which seemingly has completed the new security checks that Samsung assures.techmen - 002

The Note 7R( R standing for ‘refurbished’) is soon going up in the markets for a rather rumoured pricing of being 50% cheaper which would mean $424.99 as compared to the original launch pricing of $870.

The phone was definitely well received upon its initial launch and for half the cost would be one of android’s finest deals to date. The only change to the device seems to be in the battery department coming in at 3200 mAh a downgrade from the 3500 mAh offered at launch.

The device does bost some of the company’s finest and could be a great option in the sub $500 category if one wished to have Sammy on the nameplate and a pen in the hand.

All in all, what was yesteryear’s disaster could come up to be a balance maker in this fiscal quarter for Samsung’s earning which along with the jawdropping S8 launch could make some serious heat for apple to fan. Let us know in the comments about what you think, is a Refurbished Note 7 for half the price something you’d get ?

techmen - 001


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  1. I don’t know that I would necessarily want the phone as my first choice, but if something were to happen to my V20, this is something I would consider if the price is really that low.

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