Massdrop – Providing Community Savings


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Hey Reader !

It’s the weekend and with the summer on our heads, what better way to cool off than to have a shopping spree ! To that if I tell you that you can save a couple of buck if you’re ready to wait and join hands with others interested in the same stuff you are, wouldn’t that be a jolly good icing to the cake ?

Well let me introduce you to Massdrop, an electronic commerce company. It’s basically a community site that helps group the needs of the masses into one single thread and then requests the respective company for the product for a lower price than the usual. No, it’s not that they have a subscription fee or anything, its totally FREE.


The concept they’re using is called Bulk Buying in which the seller makes a healthy profit even with lower margins due to bulk demand. This is basically a win-win situation for the seller as well as the buyer and Massdrop acts as the middleman making small profits along the way. You can find any category of your choosing to vote on and even create polls. There is Tech, Apparel, Accessories, Photography, Knitting, Outdoors and much more. Signing up is simpler than you think, needing only connection to either Facebook or Google. If you lack any of those somehow then you can join in with your email and set up a profile.


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