TOP 10: Smartphones under 500$


In this age it is almost impossible to find someone without a smartphone. Smartphones have become a crucial part of the lives of mankind. Naturally, everyone is looking for a phone that is packed with the best possible features, but there is always one problem- the price!

The so called “Flagships” from the top companies pack all the top notch features in them and they do not fail in performance but not everyone can afford phones worth 700 to 800 dollars. That is when the mid-range smartphones come into play. These often refer to smartphones that are affordable and are sold at a reasonable price and still pack the same top notch features. Ofcourse you will have to compromise a little here and there but it’s still a great deal.

Even so, with so many choices out there it is quite difficult to choose one of the phones, that is why we handpicked our favorite 10 smartphones under 500$ that will help you decide what to buy.

(Please Note: We are not ranking any of the phones in order, rather we are providing a full spec sheet for each of them to you for comparing them yourselves because, at the end, its your opinion that matters.)

-The List-

  • Moto G5+

  • Moto Z Play

  • OnePlus 3T

  • HTC U Play

  • HTC 10

  • iPhone 6S

  • iPhone SE

  • Huawei Honor 8

  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

  • Sony Xperia Z5 Permium

-Spec Sheet-


This is the list. Compare them yourselves and choose one of your picking! Let us know down in the comments which one you liked the most.


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  1. Great list! Quite helpful.

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  2. I expected Nubia z11 to have been here on this list

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    1. Rutvik Shah says:

      Hello Diganta, I definitely had the Nubia in my mind while coming up with this list! And trust me I was going to put it on the list but I couldn’t do so because I had to keep the iOS users happy too. There are some other phones which can be replaced with the Nubia Z11 but sadly I couldn’t do that too because of the price ranges. Because of me being unable to fit the Z11 in this list, I also thought to add a section of phones that almost made it and are really good if you want to swap it out with some other. I was going to add it but since I took a break while writing this down and creating the table, I absolutely forgot to add that section in the blog. Anyways, I’m really sorry to not add it on the list but let me assure you, it can be swapped out with any other phones that are in its price range on the list, Z11 is definitely a contender and if you love it then there is no problem with buying it.
      On this note, If there are any other phones that I may have missed and you might want to see, please do reply, Maybe if we get enough amount, we can come with another list 😉

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      1. I will surely be around the corner to read more of your posts.


  3. Thank you for this overview! I will be soon looking into buying a new phone, so this certainly helps 🙂

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  4. newsagencybayan says:

    yes love i

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