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So, do you feel you’re done with wasting 10 mins of your life every time you want to educate yourself on some new piece of smart gears just cause you have to watch that video ? Well, not any more wastage! We KNOW you can read faster. Reading has always been the primary source of knowledge treading from the ancestral roots of mankind and here we’re presenting this to you in the simplest and most kickass of ways for the future generations to enjoy in the form of digital reading content right on your smartphone or tablet with your morning cup of coffee or right before that afternoon siesta you’re so fond of.

Two high school grads started this blog along with an aim to build a digital content brand where everyone can get access to the latest and the greatest without having to go through numerous dictionaries and web forums for understanding what you’re trying to understand. Help yourself to our not so mind boggling words where we help you find the best piece of shiny new tech to show off and embrace.

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-About the Authors-

The TechMen team consists of two high school graduates who have immense passion for technology and the digital world linked with it. Want to know more about us? Follow below:

  • Rutvik Shah:  A 17 year old high school graduate in love with technology. He has multiple interests-Reading novels, Writing stories of his own, Playing games all day. He calls himself an “Otaku”. He is also a serial binge watcher of TV shows. He also has interest in Coding and knows c++, HTML,python etc. Apparently, he also knows photo/video editing and is also a designer and creator with several snapchat geofilters active. Honestly..How does he find time to do all this?
  • Maahir Panchal: An 18 year old high school graduate with immense passion for the tech world. He plays instruments like Guitar and Keyboard. He also loves reading books and knows how to code in c++, python, HTML etc. He is also a creator and designer and is known to have had several snapchat geofilters active. He claims to know the inside and out of the smartphone world.